Curtis Bechdholt

A character actor known for his performance as Stephan Kanachowski, in the critically acclaimed feature film, The Rhino Brothers. “A film so Canadian you can almost detect the faint whiff of stale suds and rancid hockey bags” – Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun. Curtis continued his character work in The Outer Limits, where he played a mentally challenged 15 year old that contacts a horrible new virus. In Cold Squad, he portrayed a strung out male prostitute that gets tied into a serial killers gang. Other TV and Film credits include Angels in the Endzone, Jeremiah, Poltergeist and many others. Life Raft represents a return to acting, after time off to raise his two sons, Julian and Tobias. On days off the three of them can be found at the beach, body surfing or kayaking.

Dino Romero

Having grown up on the mean streets of Baltimore, Dino, who descends from a not-so-famous line of fortune-cookie writers, first got interested in acting when he witnessed his younger sister get out of visiting their grandma by pretending to be sick. Dino’s hobbies include kite flying, butterfly collecting and baking gingerbread cookies that resemble Fatty Arbuckle.

Kenneth Billings

Kenneth Billings is a Los Angeles based actor and writer originally from Evansville, Indiana. He is an alumnus of Mississippi State University where he studied communications and political science before studying law at Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, California. Kenneth’s performances include a role in the upcoming blockbuster feature film “The Long Night” directed by Peter Berg, an episode of Tattoo Nightmares as well as a co-starring role in the independent feature film La Femme. Kenneth grew up in Southern Indiana and in 1987 moved south with his parents to Mississippi where he met and married his wife, Wanda in 1993. Together they have two daughters, Leslie and Cera. They moved to Southern California in 2011.

Mark Lauren

Mark Laursen is a Los Angeles based film actor who is also currently involved in a play in Santa Monica. Originally from the Midwest, Mark currently resides in Topanga.

Richard Smith

While relatively new to acting, Richard, a native New Yorker, has long been a film aficionado.

Todd Pliss

Since relocating to Los Angeles from his native Long Island, New York, Todd has kept busy. Todd spent three years as writer/host of the popular comedy television show, Dino & Rocco’s Back Alley. Todd has written and directed the award-winning short films, Execution at County Jail and Einstein’s Brain. His screenplay for the feature film, “The Art of Trash”, in which he played the lead, has been produced and has had a successful DVD release. Todd is the founder/CEO of the business, Rent A Grandma (, which has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and in media outlets throughout the world.